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Parents of lost babies and potential of all kinds: come here to share the technicolour, the vividness, the despair, the heart-broken-open, the compassion we learn for others, having been through this mess — and see it reflected back at you, acknowledged and understood.

Thanks to photographer Xin Li and to artist Stephanie Sicore for their respective illustrations and photos.

parenting after loss > Sons birthday

My son's 7th birthday is coming in a week. Its been almost 3 years since he passed. Its still very fresh and depressing. I have a one year old now, how do i tell him about his older brother. How do i celebrate my sons birthday. Each day its so hard to get out of bed. I want to be the best mom i can be,but losing the love of your life after having him for 4 years and then one day hes gone really does something to you. I love my living son but its hard and different this time around. Everyone has there own way to cope the loss of a loved one. I hope i can be as strong as i can be on his birthday.
November 16, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterBrigette
I am so sorry. I am with you. I hope you can find some peace, even if it is only for a moment.

My daughter's birth/death date is next Saturday.
November 18, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterMargaret

It's so hard to keep putting one foot in front of the other some days, isn't it? Especially when we are hit with those waves of grief for our children. I hope that the actual day of his 7th birthday is easier on you than the days leading up to it, and that you are able to, like Margaret wrote, find a bit of peace.

My daughter would have been 5 this year, and her younger sister 2. On Simone's day (November 12th), we wished her a happy birthday, and told her that we love her (to her picture on the mantel). Ali doesn't get it yet, as she's too young to understand, but she knows her sister's name, and that we are a family of four, even though you only see three.

Margaret, sending warm thoughts to you as well as you approach your daughters birth/death date next week.
November 19, 2015 | Unregistered Commentersme